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Join Jane Sinclaire as she explores the mysterious city of Adera. Throughout her expedition, she'll have to solve puzzles, collect artifacts, and explore the environments to reveal the mysteries of this new-found civilization. Play Adera HitPoint Studios/Microsoft ©

Environment and Prop Artist
In project Adera, I was responsible for creating a number of detailed environments. The following are images of scenes I took part in creating. Starting from a concept, I was tasked with whiteboxing and fleshing out the scene, in addition to setting up lighting and cameras. The scene was created using a library of pre-existing meshes. Some assets were created specifically for the scene. In the example below, I created the glass vials, pottery, rocks, and hooks, then added to the library of meshes. Textures were then applied for the painters to edit. In the first panel (Bathhouse Spa) is a breakdown of a scene, containing the concept I was given, my render and the final in-game paintover completed by the painting team. Scrolling over the three following environments will display my base renders in contrast to the final painted scenes.
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In project Adera, my primary responsibility was the creation of inventory, collectable, and Hidden Object Game (HOG) 3D assets. The asset was created in 3D, rendered to a 2D image and painted into the scene. I procedurally textured and rendered 3D meshes in Maya, and composited in photoshop when needed. For various tool assets, such as the leather pouch, I unwrapped and rendered unique textures. Below are samples of the over 100 assets I created for Adera. (

Adera, Props1
Adera, Props3
Adera, Props4
Adera, Props5
Adera, Props5