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FableWood - Hitpoint Studios

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Once upon a time, there was a forest of Fablewood, a magical home to all fairy tale creatures! But all was not well in Fablewood! An evil wizard cast a endless winter across the land, corrupting fables and their citizens. It's up to you to use your Magic Ink to banish away the evil that dwells within and to rebuild the forest of Fablewood! Play Fablewood HitPoint Studios ©

ISO Artist
For the production of Fablewood, I was responsible for the creation of the 3D assets, which can be found in the ISO world. The models were created and rendered in Maya, and then received paintovers in photoshop to achieve their final in game state. Below are images of a few of the assets I was responsible for making. (

I was tasked with modeling select hidden object scenes, working from a concept I modeled and rendered the scene. The scene was then passed on to the painting team which gave it a paintover pass and placed the hidden objects throughout the scene.