Chris Yoon

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Visual Effects

Call of Duty: WW2

While at Sledgehammer Games I have been respondible for creating a variety of realistic effects ranging from muzzle flashes and explosions to ambient environmental effects (dust/insects/water). I work closely with various other disciplines (environment art, designers, lighters, etc) to ensure the most exhilarating and cinematic experience is achieved.


Skylanders: Imaginators

While at Toys for Bob I have been responsible for a variety of different visual effect which can be found on characters and throughout the environment. They range from ice and fire, to magical Doomlander/Kaos spells, to waterfalls and destructible assets. In addition I have been aiding the environment team in the creation of props and environmental pieces.

"Not for download or distribution without prior written approval from Activision."

Superchargers VFX

While on Superchargers I worked on numerous destructible VFX. I was responsible for creating and editing a number of assets and their destructible states. The following images are a few of the destructibles I worked on a a quick breakdown of them as well.

Destructible ChestnutChestnut_Image01

View of the asset being destroyedbarrel02

Destructible set of barrels (metal map not shown)Barrel_Image01

View of the asset being destroyedbarrel02


Personal Work

I've been brushing up on my more realistic effects in the Unreal Engine. The following is an explosion I've been working on.